International Students

International students are always welcomed at Rosny College. Rosny has a small and friendly group of international students studying a wide variety of subjects. Recent international graduates from Rosny have continued their studies at a number of institutions including prestigious universities throughout Australia as well as at non-university institutions both in Tasmania and other states.

Support for International Students

At enrolment time, students are met at the College and provided with course counselling and a tour of the campus before commencing classes. There is a full English as a Second Language (ESL) program offered to international students and in some cases the opportunity to participate in classes of their native language – Japanese or French.
All teachers assist with subject support and students can attend extra tutorials in Maths and Science. The teacher-librarians help with accessing the college internet/intranet and email facilities.

Our International Student Advisor will assist international students with organising textbooks and stationery, a bank account, Medibank Health Card and bus timetables in the first week. They can also assist with personal matters, careers advice and visa renewal. Counsellors in our Student Services Unit can also help students adjust to life in a new country. Most international students at Rosny live in home-stay accommodation with a host family.

For more information regarding enrolment at Rosny College contact GETI (Government Education & Training International) who will contact the College.

For details of student exchange programs, please contact the relevant program, who will contact the College.

CRICOS Number: CRICOS 03352G

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