Wednesday 13 to Thursday 14 November

Students interviewed for selection in Rosny based vocational programs

Monday 20 November

9am – 2pm:

Rose Bay High School, Bayview Secondary College, District High Schools

Tuesday 21 November

9am – 2pm:

Clarence High School, Sorell High School

5pm – 7pm:

Non-feeder High Schools, Independent Schools (Surnames A-L)

Wednesday 22 November

5pm – 7pm:

Noon-feeder High Schools, Independent Schools (Surnames M-Z)


Year 10 students

Students in Year 10, currently attending one of the high schools on the eastern shore, will be contacted by Rosny staff during the year through the College's liaison program. As part of the program, students are invited to an orientation day at Rosny College and are provided with information booklets. Opportunity is also provided to discuss course options with course counsellors from the College before the end of the school year.

Students attending other government or independent schools are invited to contact Rosny College on 6244 9200 to arrange a time to meet with a counsellor to discuss course options. In addition, all Year 10 students need to attend one of the enrolment days at Rosny College to complete their enrolment process.

Year 11/12 students who are continuing at Rosny College

Year 11/12 students complete enrolment processes for the following year of study before leaving college at the end of the current academic year.  Students are contacted by letter if there is a need to amend their enrolment before the college year commences.

Late Enrolments

If students have not enrolled in December, they will need to attend the enrolment session held prior to commencement of classes the following year. Please check the Calendar (under News & Events) for dates.

Enrolments during the year

If students wish to enrol during the year, they are required to phone the college office and make an appointment to discuss course options. 


4 subjects is $390 (Full time student)

Dual Enrolments or Part-time Enrolments (all part-time must be approved by the college Principal)

3 subjects $292.50

2 subjects $195

1 Subject $97.50

Additional Subject fees are charged for some subjects

First Day

All Year 11 students and other students new to Rosny College meet on an orientation day at the beginning of the school year.  On orientation day students have a tour of the campus, meet the staff and enjoy a BBQ.  On this day students also receive their timetable and other relevant information. There is ample opportunity to ask questions and find out about college life.  Year 12 students join the classes after first session.

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