Awards 2016

Major Award Winners

Vocational Awards

Certificate II in Animal Studies - Ella Curtain

Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation - Tohuataina Sands

Certificate II in Community Services - Shea Scott

Certificate II in Community Services - Grace Fleming

Certificate II in Hospitality - Kayla Joss

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations - Cooper Davie

Certificate III in Screen and Media - Ally Boulter

Vocational Pathways - James Brennan

Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation - Rhian Woolley

Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics - Hannah Kennedy

The Cameron Saunders Memorial Prize for VET Sport & Recreation - Jordan Hunter

The Award for VET Tourism Supported by RACT Travel - Taleah Paterson

The Award for VET Construction Supported by the Housing Industry Association - Angus Haydon

The Award for VET Maritime Operations  Supported by The Maritime Museum of Tasmania - Mitch Quinn

Certificate II and Certificate III in Tourism - Hannah Cox, Ruby Stewart

Certificate II in Animal Studies - Laura Massie

Subject Achievement Awards


Business Studies - Alexander Pankiw

Economics - Annie Zagni

English and Languages

English Communications - Olivia McDonald,  Sophia Bellears

English Literature - James Overington

English Writing - Tessa Ogle

English as an Additional Language Yuna Lambeck

French Sarah Pilgrim

Japanese Jacoba Sayers 


Physical Sciences Grace Abbott,  Lia Visentin

Advanced Electronics  Luke Cooper,  Samuel Richards

Biology  Olivia Wilson, Olivia McDonald

Chemistry Luke Cooper, Zachary Hall

Environmental - Science Olivia Wilson

Physics - Harry Nutting

Foods, Textiles and Design

Housing and Design - Allison Skromanis

Food and Nutrition - Monique Walsh

Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Health Studies - Hannah Richardson,  Emily Charlton

Sports Science - Zoe Dowling

Outdoor Leadership - Olivia McDonald

Maths and Computing

Computer Graphics and Design - Samuel Carey

Computer Science - Oscar Parkinson, Reilly Callaway

Information Systems and Digital Technologies - Molly Steer

Maths Methods - David Warren, Hannah Richardson

Maths Specialised -  Harry Nutting,  Brooke Huxley

General Maths -  Brooke Huxley

Student Directed Inquiry Sophie Ambler

Society and Environment

Australia, Asia and the Pacific - Felix Jarvis

Ancient Civilisations - Samuel Barker

Legal Studies - Annie Zagni, Isabella Podwinski

Sociology  - Tessa Ogle, Tabitha Fasnacht, James Baker

Modern World History -  James Baker

Philosophy -  Tessa Ogle

Psychology -  Gemma Smith, Annie Zagni

Performing Arts

Dance -  Joshua Williams 

Drama -  Ella Wescombe 

Theatre Performance -  Oscar Parkinson, James Colbourn-Keogh

Media Production -  Sophie Ambler 

Music -  Cassie Ogle 

Visual Arts

Art Studio Practice - Brianna Smith 

Art Theory and Criticism - Jasmine Brennan, Luke Cooper

Digital Art and Media - Isaac Koerbin

Photography - Mark Yates

Mixed Media - Jacoba Sayers


Foundation Practical Study -  Jaime Mollineaux-Herbert

Advanced Practical Study -  Taylah Evans

Music Technology -  Chris Griggs,  Jay Ward,  Cody Webberley

Object Design -  Kristen Saal

Special Award Winners

The Rosny College Media Production Award Supported by Graham Gates -  Haiden Nettle, Erin Graham

The Award for MDT Supported by Specialised Joinery Supplies - Tohuataina Sands

The Excellence in Business Award Supported by Accru+ - Samuel Riewoldt

The Award for Science & Mathematics Supported by Jak Denny - Harry Nutting

The Achievement in Sport Award Supported by The Rotary Club of Howrah - Zoe Dowling

The Achievement in Languages Award Supported by The Rotary Club of Howrah - Sarah Pilgrim

The Prize for Writing Isabella Podwinski Supported by the Houghton Family The - Sue Waters

Memorial Prize for History Supported by The Hon Julie Collins MP - Samuel Barker

The Excellence in Humanities Award - Samuel Barker

The Makers Award Hosanna Carter Supported by Ezy-Sew - Hosanna Carter

The Rod Staples Award for Achievement in Outdoor Education - Brayden Woods, Daniel Jansen

The Award for Tourism Supported by RACT Travel - Natalie O’Beirne

The Playgroup Award Supported by Senator Catryna Bilyk - Isobel Nillsen

The David Rush Memorial Award for Mathematics General - Bailey Horne

The Alcorso Foundation Humanitarian Entrant Education Award - Omolbanin Hosseini, Som Maya Rai

The Respectful Student Award Supported by The Hon Jeremy Rockliff MP, Minister for Education - Myles Davies 

The Outstanding Commitment Award Supported by The Hon Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC, Member for Pembroke - Jasmine Brennan

The Innovation Award Supported by The Rotary Club of Bellerive - Mark Yates

The Optimum Award Supported by The Rotary Club of Bellerive - James Brennan

The Environment Award Supported by The Rotary Club of Bellerive -   Steven Brown

The Exceptional Achievement Award Supported by The Hon Lara Giddings MP, Member for Franklin - Luke Cooper, Grace Ransley

The Outstanding Achievement Award Supported by The Hon Nick McKim MP, Member for Franklin - Reilly Callaway

The Long Tan Leadership Award - Georgia Stone

The K R Hudspeth Award for Service Supported by The Clarence City Council - Leuan Simms

The Caltex Best All-Rounder Award - Olivia Wilson

The Principal’s Citizenship Award - Annie Zagni

The B A Hortle Award for Academic Achievement Supported by The Hon Will Hodgman MP, Premier of Tasmania - Harry Nutting

  Academic Excellence List - High ATAR Score 90 or above:

Reilly Callaway, Jessie Anning, Emily Steele, Zoe Dowling, Brooke Huxley, Amy Graham, Olivia McDonald, Samuel Barker, Olivia Wilson, Miriam Boulton, Annie Zagni, Ella Wescombe, Scott Mitchell, Oscar Parkinson, Mark Yates, Rowan Burchill, Tessa Ogle, Sin Man Wu, Isabella Podwinski, Jasmine Brennan, Manuel Hennicke, Erin Fazackerley, Sophie Ambler, Zoe Sellers, Adam Dimsey, Gemma Smith, James Baker, Tabitha Fasnacht, Chez Freeman, Lauren McFadyen, Sarah Castle, Alexander Pankiw,Natalie Gartlan

Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification Outstanding Achievement Award - Harry Nutting, Luke Cooper, Zachary Hall Grace Ransley