Alternate Provision

Rosny College supports students learning from home through a range of alternate provisions provided across the college. These alternate provisions are varied and are based on the type of learning that is undertaken in various learning areas across the college as well as the suitability of a range of online learning technologies and learning management systems (LMS) specific to certain subjects. 

The range of alternative provisions includes:

  • classroom paper based material that can be accessed and completed at home
  • email communication between staff and students with digital copies of classroom tasks, activities and assessments
  • accessing resources stored on the Rosny College Intranet
  • accessing and engaging with staff via online platforms such as Facebook
  • engaging with a number of online tools to support learning and engagement
  • using Microsoft Office 365 to share resources and work. In particular through Microsoft OneNote
  • utilising the Canvas LMS for certain classes

Rosny College provides access to LMS through Department of Education (DoE). This enables equitable access for all students through their DoE credentials (username and password). The supported technology includes:

The DoE has provided online resources to support learning from home which can be accessed here:

Student Communication 

The preferred method of communication to students is via DoE support email. Student email addresses are available via the Global Address book in the staff email platform, Outlook. There is also a software program available to all staff, Student Email Assist, which allows staff to generate their own distribution lists for their classes.  

Students may also at times need to reset their password to ensure they have access to DoE systems and emails. The key website is the MyLogin website

Student Levels of Provision 

There are varying levels of student access to the internet outside of Rosny College as well as access to a student's own device(s) or a device(s) within the home. This level of access can determine the alternate provisions suitable for student learning. At Rosny College a mobile phone is not deemed as a personal device for home learning. Mobile phones do provide a certain level of suitability for a number of tasks but are not the primary technology that is suggested as appropriate for learning from home.

To assist the college with planning for learning from home we encourage all parents/students to complete the learning from home survey

Level 1 

  • Full access to the internet 24/7  
  • Access to student personal device(s) at home for online learning (laptop/tablet/desktop/ipad) 

Level 2 

  • Access to the internet  
  • Limited or no access to their own or a personal device at home for online learning (laptop/tablet/desktop/ipad) 

Level 3 

  • No access to the internet 24/7  
  • No access to their own or a personal device at home for online learning (laptop/tablet/desktop/ipad)