At Rosny we value: self-discipline; self-control; self-respect; respect for others’ rights, opinions and ideas; respect for others’ talents, character and background; as well as honesty, fairness, co-operation and dignity in the way we treat each other.
Students have the right to learn. Teachers have the right to teach. We all have the right to be respected, the right to be heard and the right to be safe at all times. Rules and responsibilities about learning, communication, ICT, care for the environment, movement safety, privacy, and ways of settling disputes, are discussed on the students’ first day.

The Non-Negotiable College Rules

In order to protect the rights of all students within the campus community, there are certain expectations in terms of student behaviour. The following will not be tolerated and any such behaviour may lead to suspension or withdrawal of enrolment:

  • physical or verbal abuse
  • theft
  • damage to campus or personal property
  • possession of alcohol or illegal drugs on the campus premises
  • dangerous driving of vehicles
  • action that hinders the learning or wellbeing of other students


Tasmanian law requires students to continue with education or training until they are at least 17 years old, have completed the equivalent of a Certificate 3 qualification, or have a full-time job. It is a requirement to attend all classes with attendance being registered for each lesson. Legitimate absences must be verified either by a phone call from a parent or guardian or a parental note presented to the Support Teacher within five days of the absence. A medical certificate is required for a prolonged absence of three consecutive days or more. The College’s attendance process is computerised and connected to Centrelink. Letters will be automatically sent to students and their parents for unexplained absences and followed up by Centrelink. If non-attendance persists students and their parents will be asked to attend an interview to investigate the problem. The ultimate consequence of persistent, unexplained absences will be a lapse of enrolment.

Rosny College Policy Documents available for download

Academic Integrity Guidelines

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Drug Policy

Harassment Policy

Rosny College ICT Resources Acceptable Use Agreement for Secondary Students and Families

These are PDF files and require Adobe Reader to open.